Salons and Spas: Partner with Curativa Bay

If you are in the health, beauty, or wellness industries, we have a lucrative opportunity for you!

  • Offer your customers our popular line of natural and organic skin products
  • Enhance your customers’ experience with your business
  • Become a Certified Curativa Bay Reseller
  • Get listed on the Zip Code locator on our website so customers can find your business
  • Share and connect with new customers through social media

All Natural Skin Care Products


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We are excited to introduce you to our All-Natural Skin Care

Every product is carefully created by hand in Clearwater, Florida using only certified organic, all-natural ingredients that were harvested from the sea and found in nature.

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Our Products Are

Cruelty Free

Non-GMO, Vegan

Gluten Free

Certified Organic

All-Natural Pure Ingredients

No Chemicals

Our Personal Customer Care Is Second To None

We make it our mission to communicate personally with each of our customers by phone, or in person, and never make them waste their valuable time.

Partner Qualifications

  • Must be in a salon, spa, healthcare, or similar business
  • Must have FEIN, DBA or other business permit
  • Business must be active on at least one social media platform
  • Ratings and reviews must not be lower than 4 stars
  • Must be willing to participate in our program of Personal Customer Care

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