Our Story… By Our Founder

For those of you who are familiar with the Tampa Bay area, we grew up in Pass-a-Grille, the southernmost tip of St Pete Beach Florida. We were a rugged bunch, fishing and diving in the Gulf of Mexico.

We loved the Gulf of Mexico spending long days in our treasured environment.

Most of us had our first boat before we could drive. We had our share of torched, peeling and damaged skin that followed us later in life. We would never use sunscreen and peeling like a lizard was a badge of courage, or so we thought.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the word about the many benefits of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), which includes properties that often result in softer skin and much better skin health. We have also seen it used effectively to assist with blemishes and improvements with just about everything associated with the skin.

Our Vision

We will continue to explore new, scientifically studied and proven cutting-edge products to complement our HOCL Curativa Bay Topical Mist Spray. For cosmetic uses, the spray can help everyone to look healthier and more vibrant. For antiseptic uses, this safe, yet effective .02% concentration of HOCL helps skin stay healthier.

The Science

Curativa Bay makes no claims whatsoever as to its use, whether on person or in studies.

Hypochlorous Acid is made naturally in human white blood cells (neutrophils) Although Hypochlorous Acid is not widely known, it was discovered more than 100 years ago by scientists. It works as the first line of defense at wound sites to fight infections. Chemically it can be described as (salt) which is a biocide that effectively destroys all know bacteria, viruses, mold, and funguses.
When Hypochlorous Acid comes in contact with the skin or mucosa it instantly activates other body mechanisms to kill invading pathogens and initiates other of the body’s immune and healing responses. This is why clients report Hypochlorous Acid is so effective against, burns, cuts, scrapes, blemishes, periodontitis, sunburn, surface infections, and healing wounds. Best of all it is non-toxic and all natural!

Nature protects human and animal tissues against infectious germs by making HOCL at sites of injury or contamination by bacteria. The HOCL is made on demand, as needed, at sites of tissue damage and is the most powerful local anti-germ substance manufactured in the body. It has to protect against all classes of invaders, including bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and molds, and it has to be able to kill them quickly. White blood cells circulating in the blood are a rich source of HOCL, and they move into the local tissues where there are injuries or damage. Because HOCL kills so fast and so efficiently but has to be compatible with all the healthy tissues in the body. Nothing can develop resistance to HOCL

Curativa Bay

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