Healing and Medicinal Use

Healing and Medicinal Uses

How does HOCL speed the healing process?

Healing of skin wounds starts with control of infection and damage to tissues, followed by repair and restoration. HOCL has direct effects on healing by attacking infectious germs, stopping bleeding from damaged blood vessels, and stimulating repair by making new blood vessels to feed the recovering tissues. HOCL also speeds the movement of skin cells across the damaged area. The net result is the outer skin layers move to close the wound, and the tissues underneath are reorganized to restore them to their original healthy condition, with minimal scarring.

Why is HOCL considered the best anti-microbial and disinfectant?

Nature protects human and animal tissues against infectious germs by making HOCL at sites of injury or contamination by bacteria. The HOCL is made on demand as needed at sites of tissue damage and is the most powerful local anti-germ substance manufactured in the body. It has to protect against all classes of invaders, including bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and molds, and it has to be able to kill them quickly. White blood cells circulating in the blood are a rich source of HOCL, and they move into the local tissues where there are injuries or damage. Because HOCL kills so fast and so efficiently but has to be compatible with all the healthy tissues in the body, it is uniquely powerful yet uniquely safe. Nothing can develop resistance to HOCL because it attacks at many different places on and in contaminating germs of all kinds.

There is a smell of chlorine for a few seconds. Is this chlorine or bleach?

HOCL is a small molecule, totally safe to human tissues and about 100 to 200 times more effective than chlorine bleach, but contains, by comparison, a tiny amount of chlorine. HOCL is a very potent form of the chlorine atoms in solution, but since it’s made in the human body and in all animals—and even some plants—the chlorine that it contains has none of the negative and unhealthy features of chlorine hypochlorite bleach.

What is the recommended daily application?

HOCL goes through the skin, works lightning fast but disappears fast, so it’s best to apply it to injured sites in the form of ‘little and often’ rather than trying to coat or smother the area with the solution only once a day. For injuries such as burns or cuts, blisters, you can’t apply the our signature HOCL Spray too many times per day, but for practical purposes, 4-5 times would be a good number as a routine.

Is HOCL safe and effective on babies for irritations such as diaper rash or a common skin rash?

HOCL is a powerful, safe sanitizing solution, with a great record of effectiveness even on sensitive skin, and there aren’t any downsides that have been shown to date by applying it to irritated skin. No wounds will heal until infection is controlled, so using HOCL to do that has a basis in solid science and wide- ranging experiences in practical use.

How does HOCL aid in reducing acne or blemishes and are there studies available?

As a topical solution, HOCL has been shown in the medical literature to have effects on infections that cause persistent irritation and long-standing, ongoing skin damage. HOCL has been shown to provide relief from irritation, and many people report relief from pain, irritation, and itching, and have been able to experience improvement from commonplace skin conditions by applying HOCL on a regular basis.

Has there ever been a study of HOCL to treat athlete’s foot?

HOCL is powerful in combating fungal infections as well as bacteria and yeasts. In nature, HOCL is produced at the skin sites where fungi usually localize and cause irritation, lingering persistent infections, pain, and itching. Many people have reported relief from these kinds of infections, including athlete’s foot.

Anti-aging and Beauty

How does HOCL facilitate positive skin ageing changes?

As skin ages, there is a thinning of the skin, and the accumulation of damage from inflammation, along with the loss of elasticity of old skin. Scientific studies on aging skin showed that HOCL stimulates growth and multiplication of skin cells and the organization of more healthy tissues underneath the outer layers of skin. The result is a restoration of younger looking and feeling skin, and an improvement in the look and feel of skin.

What Are The Ingredients Of HOCL?

Inside your body, the white blood cells use enzymes to make HOCL. This is a very efficient way of doing it, but not a practical one for making it in large quantities for medical and industrial uses. When we produce HOCL outside of the body, HOCL is made from just salt and water, using electrical energy. Properly made using salt water, HOCL can be as pure and as potent as your own body’s product. But many commercial products are not made carefully and inferior forms of HOCL are much less potent than the real thing.


The Science

Our most popular item is our Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) spray, which boosts your body’s naturally occurring HOCL.

Your body is approximately 80% salt water. Your skin is your first line of defense, and white blood cells the second. Your body is animated by electricity—so you are an electrically run saltwater engine. When your cells replicate, they produce about 1% free radicals, which can cause imbalances. Your body, in defense, creates HOCL in the white blood cells. We produce electrically active salt water, with sacrificial free radicals (to balance out the body’s free radicals) and HOCL Then, the HOCL complements and speeds your body’s process of healing. It eliminates (99.999% of) bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, and it works electrically in active transport to help you heal. It is a broad spectrum anti-infective and anti-inflammatory, which is why it works on so many things but is (largely, still only) salt water, which is why it is safe.

Can you provide scientific peer-reviewed studies dealing with the medical uses for HOCL?

There are several thousand scientific papers on the effectiveness of HOCL in both controlling infection and in making injured tissues heal and recover faster. Scientists at major universities and medical centers in the US and around the world have been able to show these effects and benefits to healthcare patients and in healthcare environments where patients need to be protected. Effectiveness is very solidly supported by the evidence of medical applications in hospitals and clinics in the EU and Asia as well as in the USA.