How It All Began With Hypochlorous

For those of you who are familiar with the Tampa Bay area, I grew up in Pass-a-Grille, the southernmost tip of St Pete Beach Florida. My friends and I were a rugged bunch, fishing and diving in the Gulf of Mexico every chance possible.

We loved the Gulf of Mexico and spent long days in our treasured sunshine-filled setting.

Most of us had our first boat before we could drive. We had our share of torched, peeling, and damaged skin that followed us later in life. During those adventurous days, we would never use sunscreen and peeling like a lizard was a badge of courage, or so we thought.

Curativa Bay had humble beginnings starting out in a little old place on a quiet bay exploring formulations from nature that produced results and improved skin health. We certainly knew that we were creative enough to have this goal and lucky enough to have among us a PhD Microbiologist, Dr Alfred Granite who had an unwavering passion for natural ingredients.

One day, Dr. Granite, now our CTO,  called me. He was very excited. He had found the best organic technology he had ever seen to produce the most healthy skin possible. He explained it should become our foundation to which all other formulations follow. This set us apart in the skin health arena. There were public scientific reports that showed this substance, known as hypochlorous acid, had the potential to create the most potent biocide/antibacterial substance known to medicine. Hypochlorous acid is a completely non-toxic substance that is produced naturally by neutrophils, a white blood cell present in the human body.  We made the long drive to learn more..

This substance had been studied and used since its discovery about 120 years ago for medical applications. During World War I it was used to accelerate healing and to prevent infection on injured soldiers and was credited with saving thousands of lives. It even won the Nobel Prize!

One BIG problem with this process is that the hypochlorous acid was not stable once exposed to air, which meant that its efficacy did not last for longer than about a week which was a significant drawback to its commercial use. About a week later I received an invitation to meet with an amazing man from the Pacific Northwest who had spent his fortune to develop a more potent and stable version of hypochlorous acid while maintaining its organic status. We were invited to join the team and what a team it was. The who’s who of medical doctors, PhD microbiologists and visionaries.

During the next year, we began marketing Hypochlorous Acid Skin Spray and I was astounded when it received a perfect – 5 star rating on Amazon. People loved it and supported us. It was a truly humbling experience.

Seeing the popularity of this product we began to take this to the next step.  It was our intention to create a line of Organic Natural Skin Care products from the beginning, but this technology was so great that it had to be placed front and center.

With the help of some of the most caring and intelligent people you will ever meet, we have created, in my opinion, the best skincare line in existence using only natural and organic ingredients, and when used with our Hypochlorous Skin Spray cleanser, no other brand can touch us!

Match that with our “Call us Anytime” customer service, I think we may have found the recipe for success, but we are not after fortune 500 status, we just want to find a niche close to the folks who love what we do, and to you, we say “THANK YOU”

Bill Maher