As we look for the perfect ingredients to protect and rejuvenate our bodies we should invariably look to the past…our beginning’s. Let us not forget that we arose from the sea.  Even today, as we look at the human body we can see traces of our evolution. For example, our own blood plasma resembles the same chemical composition as the ancient oceans with nearly the same salinity and mineral content. As we examine both plant and animal species, we find the same Organic elements present in all life forms. Although we are now able to reproduce many of these key nutrients in the laboratory, their natural form is still preferable because this is the way they were originally formed.

Let us not forget that nature is very complex as are the vital components of life.  Sometimes when we try to recreate these elements in the laboratory, we make mistakes because we fail to consider all of the properties of the naturally occurring form.  As we learn more about our physiology, we discover that small amounts of naturally occurring substances can make a huge difference in the effect that certain nutrients have on the human body.  For example, Curativa Bay’s Marine Complex hydration cream is comprised of 90+ ocean minerals and scores of Phyto-chemicals and polysaccharides of ocean plan origins. These are combined with plant fats such as shea butter, which is derived from the nut of the African shea tree primarily consisting of triglycerides derived from stearic, and oleic acid, and are completely non-toxic and edible.  In fact component of shea butter are actually used in food preparation and as a substitute for coca butter in the making of chocolate.

Jojoba oil produced by the seed of the Simmondsia a shrub native to Arizona is another major ingredient of Curativa Bay Marine Complex Hydration Cream, originally used by Native Americans to treat sores and wounds. One of the unique properties of Jojoba oil is its extreme shelf-life stability and resistance to degradation by high temperatures as compared to vegetable oil. This property in combination with the ocean minerals comprise a very stable antioxidant preparation that protects and revitalizes the skin.

Primarily it is the plant and flower compounds derived from kelp, spirulina, and other seaweed species that provide osmotic constituents responsible for holding moisture in the skin.  This is also true for all of the associated Curativa Bay Marine Complex products such as cleaner, mask, and serum that reinforce the key elements of hydration.  In combination daily use of these products will promote and maintain proper hydration levels that leave the skin soft and supple and give the appearance of youth and vitality.

Curativa Bay Marine Complex Cleanser adds vitamins, minerals and trace elements known to improve the condition of the skin by reducing age spots and minimizing wrinkles.  Teatree oil, burdock root, and red clover botanicals are added to cleanse and debride dead skin to allow the absorption of key hydrating compounds. Cleaning is best done twice daily in the morning and evening by applying a small amount to the skin and gently washing in small rotating circles over the entire face and neck.  Then remaining residue should be washed with warm water.

Cleaning is especially important after the application of Curativa Bay Marine Complex Mask consisting of kaolin and smectite clay infused with ocean botanicals and oils from safflower, almond, rice brands, and grapeseed. After allowing the mask to dry to a firm consistency, excess material should be removed with the use of damp steamed towel.  After drying, the remaining residue should be removed with Marine Complex cleanser and rinsed with warm water.

Finally, to compete the Marine Complex protocol  the skin should be treated Marine Complex Serum that adds a symphony of healing herbs and restorative plant and flower compounds derived from a number of key botanicals from spirulina, Irish Moss, and various species of seaweed and seawater extracts.  MSM is added as a natural organic solvent that drives the active ingredients deep into the skin for superior efficacy.