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We hope you and your loved ones had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

4th of July Celebration

We’ve been super busy testing out formulas and bringing new products to life. So sorry for missing our June Newsletter! Here is your “two month combo” of exciting announcements…


A New Regimen!

Ultimate Skin Health Regimen

We’ve worked hard to bring you the best new skincare regimen bundle possible and just in time for “sunburn season”.

The Aloe Masque will be available for individual purchase soon too.

Learn more below…


A Note From Our CEO


Happy July and a special thanks for all your support.

A very special thanks to our team, Dr Alfred Granite, Christina Shrive, and Maneerat Chara for the fantastic job on our new skin health bundle. I know we have been promising this for quite some time, but we have a community of health spas that we manufacture for, and they also perform necessary testing of our new products.



After months of testing, we can now offer the Ultimate skin health regimen. This includes the following.

· Simply Clear Cleanser: This powerful cleanser blends the anti-inflammatory benefits of cayenne with the antiseptic benefits of clove and the astringent benefits of willow bark. Perfect for all oily and blemish prone skin types. This face wash is designed to eliminate oils and dirt on skin and be the cornerstone of a cleaner, clearer complexion. MSRP $35.99

· Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray: Our HOCL spray is formulated to be pure and stable, which makes it perfect for routine use in cosmetic care, skin cleansing, and the ultimate skin health spray. When you feel the cool mist on your skin you will not think about the amazing benefits of Hypochlorous but rest assured, transformations are taking place. Use daily to enhance skin, eliminate blemishes, kill skin bacteria, and reduce redness. Safe for all skin types and all ages. MSRP $29.99

· Organic Aloe Masque and Super Moisturizer: Make your skin plump and moisturized with this miracle moisture maintenance mask. Our proprietary formulation of aloe vera juice delivers impressive aquatics in a bioavailable solution directly into your skin cells. Botanical solvents drive moisture repair ingredients directly into the heart of your skin cells. The result is clear moisturized skin like never before. You can use this for 20-30 minutes, but our spas are using it as an overnight treatment with rave reviews. MSRP $38.95


Directions: Do this once in the morning and once before bed. Feel free to use the Hypochlorous Skin Spray as often as desired. You can never use too much.

Begin with a refreshing facial wash with the Simply Clear Cleanser. After lathering, let sit for a minute to let the ingredients do their thing.

Pat dry face and spray a generous amount of Hypochlorous Skin Spray. Let dry naturally, it takes about 5 minutes but feels great.

Put a generous amount of our Organic Aloe Masque on and feel free to wear it as a moisturizer. We formulated this masque to be the most effective moisturizer available and have over 30 testing spas that can attest to its efficacy.


Value $105.00 when purchased separately

Use promo code #1Skin for an introductory discount of 40% and FREE Shipping

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Note: We are so sure you will see results and love this product bundle, if you send us a video testimony, you will receive the product of your choice at no charge including free shipping.

*Offer ends on 7/31


New Website Look


While developing our new Aloe Masque we decided it was a good time to take a look at our website user experience too. We’ve updated our website look and will be adding new content and new product info soon. Rest assured we are still carrying the same high-quality skincare products and your customer satisfaction will always be priority #1.

Love it? Hate it? Please let us know what you think about the new look and feel!