Easter Eggs on a Beach

Quality Time With Family & Friends

We Hope You Have A Most Enjoyable Weekend Filled With Memories To Cherish For A Lifetime. 

A Better Way To Order

Finally, you can order products from both Curativa Bay and Pet-Setter at the same time. We consider that a Win-Win! Manage your shopping cart anytime by clicking the cart icon on the top right of the webpage.

  • Use one shopping cart for all items

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  • Save your time and money

Have you ever used online reviews to help you decide whether to buy a product or service? (Yes, we are guilty of it too.) Online reviews are extremely important these days, so we ask you to help us spread the word about Curativa Bay!

Post a review on our Google listing or Facebook page and we will send you a free mystery product with your next order. Plus, your order will get free shipping! Send an email to info@curativabay.com once your review is posted so we can notate your account for your next order.

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Donation Increase

We have decided to increase our profit donation to 10% for the resenergy Foundation during the entire month of april. help us make the biggest impact possible by letting friends and family know about this wonderful fundraising cause for veterans.

“I cannot do all the good the world needs. but the world needs all the good that i can do.” ~Jana Stanfield

Read on to learn more…

Helping Our Veterans

A Note From Our CEO:

“As a Veteran, I understand the sacrifices and hardships endured serving in the line of duty. I also know that many fellow military brothers and sisters need assistance transitioning back into the civilian way of life. Over the years I made efforts here and there to help those in need, but I desired to make a much bigger impact on our Vets.

In 2015, the Resenergy Foundation was born out of this drive to help. We began the Resenergy Foundation in partnership with the University of Montana to not only provide Scholarships for Veterans but also help cover their living expenses while in school. This ensured a quality education and the ability to complete their program unhindered by the daily financial burdens.

Over the years, the businesses I’ve managed have provided over $200,000 in funding to the Resenergy Foundation, as well as, 11 full-ride scholarships. I know many of you care about our Veterans as well, so I wanted to share with you how Curativa Bay plays a role in the foundation’s success. We help to maintain ongoing foundation funding by contributing a portion of Curativa Bay’s profits throughout the year.

It is because of the generosity of you, our customers, that we are able to continue our funding and we want to sincerely thank you.”


William Maher

Founder & CEO

Read Inspiring Stories from students on their school’s website: https://foundation.mtech.edu/our-appreciation/inspired-stories.htm