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Honoring All Fathers


Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.

30% Off + free Shipping

We know how this disastrous economy is hurting many people and we want to help by discounting our complete product line as well as providing free shipping. We are so thankful that our customers are supporting our small, veteran-owned business and we are confident that we will overcome these challenges. Together we shall prevail!

We also want to make sure everyone has an adequate supply of Hypochlorous Acid for ultimate protection from what may be coming next, (Monkey Pox). Remember, Hypochlorous delivers Nature’s Protection from all viruses (both present and future) so it is important to have this on hand for you and your family. We are providing an additional 30% discount and FREE shipping on everything, even already discounted products like the Hypochlorous 2 pack and all Regimens.

Use promo code USA1 during checkout to apply!

*Free Shipping is only available for the Continental USA at this time.

Bigger HOCL Needs?

We are extending the Curativa Bay USA1 promo over to the Industrial Strength Hypochlorous Acid formula (made for home and facilities) by Bioxy Research Inc. a subsidiary of Curativa Bay Inc. This product is only available by the gallon, but the formula is 300 PPM (Parts Per Million) strength and meant to treat larger indoor spaces. Orders must be placed via phone call with our live representatives. Regularly $59.99 per Gallon, but only $41.99 after the 30% discount. Plus, FREE shipping!

Tri-Jet Fogger

Bioxy is also offering the Tri-Jet foggers for Hypochlorous applications at this discounted rate. Normally $399… are only $279 until 6/30/22!

These easy-to-use stainless steel foggers provide whole room application in just one easy step.

Proudly made in the USA.

*The 300 PPM formula is not intended for direct use on humans or animals. Free Shipping is only available for the Continental USA at this time.

Product Updates

Aloe Vera Moisturizing

Early July

Our Pure Aloe Moisturizer has just completed testing and will now be going into production. This moisturizing formula is so good that it has received 5 stars from everyone included in the testing phase. We think you are going to LOVE it too!

Diagram showing discomfort in a back

Late July

Our new skin and muscle soothing treatment is almost done with the testing phase. (perfection at this level takes time) No need for toxic pain formulas here, we have everything we need from Mother Earth!

We’ll be sending over an email to let you know when these are in our Shop!

*USA1 Promo Code Is Valid Until 6/30/22 At Midnight