Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray

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Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the most important substance naturally made by the human body that can be produced at commercial scale– pure and stable— and made available for routine use in cosmetic care. There is just nothing comparable amongst the whole spectrum of natural products that can bring so many benefits to skin care.

Origins and effects: Made by your white blood cells and others that reside in skin and brain tissues, HOCl serves as the body’s ‘first responder’ to irritation and injury—correcting blemishes Acne, hurrying the healing of all kinds of wounds, and maintaining health and wellness of skin at all stages of life. Short-lived when applied topically, it quickly triggers cascades of local events that all contribute to restoring skin to its optimal condition, and overcoming the commonplace damage experienced by your body’s largest organ—skin—as it deals with daily insults from the environment, physical, chemical and infectious.

Science and HOCl: The scientific evidence supporting these effects is plentiful and is published in the most rigorous and prestigious biomedical and chemistry journals*. Newly discovered features of HOCl have come about from the value of making it pure, homogeneous and more comparable to the way it’s naturally made and delivered to the sites of need in the body.

Benefits to the body: Regular use of Curativa Bay HOCL offers an array of benefits that extend from enhancing skin tone, and inhibiting the toll of skin ageing changes, to relief from skin anomalies and discomfort wherever there has been irritation or injury, with proven cleansing, soothing and calming effects at points of need. Redness and damaging changes from routine exposure to influences that can harm skin appearance and feel are intercepted and reversed. These outcomes are especially helpful after dermatological procedures, as an adjunct to recovery. Advanced skin care options are opened up with adoption of daily topical pure HOCl for routine application, no matter your age or sex—good things will come about, and will be noticed and enjoyed.

100% All Natural



Salt, Purified Water, .02% Hypochlorous Acid

Spray liberally on face and other infected areas let dry naturally. Repeat at least 3 times daily or as much as desired.

19 reviews for Advanced Hypochlorous Skin Spray

  1. Tommy

    My face and skin had peeling problem because dryness.I was always peeling, and it became a real problem.I tried Curativa Bay after some co-workers were telling me how good it is. At first, I was skeptical because it has slight bleach smell. I found this is not bleach it is smell as SOS super oxidized saline, the process in which it kills all bacteria and now my skin does not peel and its healthy looking. I love this product a lot. 5 stars!!!!

  2. Fred B

    Amazing customer service!!! I will only be getting my product from them, so personable, fast, and products are of great quality. Thank you

  3. Jerry

    Hypochlorus avid by Curative bay is a miracle in a bottle. Spray mist on face makes silky smooth. Closes pores. Clears blepharitis. Great price. Ophthalmologist recommended prescription brand of this for huge money for a couple of ounces. This is exact product at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend to everyone!

  4. Kelly.C

    I’ve always ordered the big size 8oz of Curativa bay Hypochlorous skin spray but had to have these travel size versions 2oz. Love this stuff, it makes my skin feel so refreshed especially during this hot summer! ps. new packaging looks very nice!! 🙂

  5. Tina

    This spray has become an integral part of my skincare routine. I use love this spray so much. I use it before Serum & Moisturizer and I will continue to use these. This spray is refreshing and is the perfect way to balance your skin anytime of the day.

  6. Jenny.P

    Love this stuff! Great addition to my morning, afternoon and evening skin routine!

  7. Susie.C

    I am obsessed with this spray! Super hydrating amd toning. I have a nice glow and my skin feels and looks visibly healthier. I spray first thing after Cleansing my face with Simply clear cleanser then put Essential C Hyaluronic Acid Serum, apply makeup and spray to set it. My niece who is on accutane recommended this to me because of my dry skin and I love it. These are my skin care routine from Curativa Bay!

  8. Lisa

    Recently tried these skin care products and they are amazing! A little goes a long way. Love the quality and healthy ingredients. Your skin feels so good after using them. The fragrances are mild but soothing. Have tried the Firming eye cream, Retinol moisturizer, Age defied facial wash and Hypochlorous Skin spray. All are totally amazing. Great prices with incredible 20% coupons. Would highly recommend. Will now be my exclusive skin care line for daily use. Thank you Curativa Bay!!!

  9. Chris B

    Works very well to control my ocular rosacea/blepharitus symptoms. Way cheaper than the prescription spray and works just as well.

  10. Benjamin

    Hypochlorous Acid is Very soothing relief for dry eye care. It works!!! Highly recommend!!

  11. Raymond

    I have been doing some research on HOCL. I found that it is the strongest anti microbial you can buy buy maintains its organic status. I had a deep cut from a razor knife. Would not stop bleeding. My wife uses this spray for her eyes so i kept spraying every half hour. It stopped bleeding almost immediately and the next day it was healed over and the healing was so fast that my hand itched like crazy. I am not sure how this works but it does. I will buy the smaller size and use when travelling. Great and recommended highly

  12. CMS User 1

    I have used another un-named brand and it stung my eyes. I decided to try this one and this is the real deal. So amazing the results that not only fixed my eye skin irritation but not my skin as a whole feels better. definitely recommend

  13. Sarah MJ

    Very soothing product. I use it in addition to Metro cream and xiidra (for occular rosecea). Wish I’d found it years ago and definitely recommend it.

  14. TONYA WHITFIELD (verified owner)

    I use it to take off my make up. It works great! No breakouts! It stops any itching you may have on your body. I spray it on my armpits where it keeps the odor away.

  15. Annette (verified owner)

    Using this spray has become a morning & night time routine in keeping my eyelids healthy and free from blepharitis symptoms. Have also used it to quickly heal cuts and scrapes. Extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the customer service behind it! Thanks !

  16. Samual K

    I did some research and happy to know this product is not only readily available but fights the virus !!!!

  17. EJ (verified owner)

    This product has really helped clear up my reactive acne, psoriatic, and eczema prone skin. It also miraculously helped reverse and heal a staph infection over the winter. A++++

  18. Jennifer C

    I read the EPA N list and found Hypochlorous kills the coronavirus. I bought a case. Feel much safer in public places.
    I spray on my face, eyes mouth and hands before going in and afetrcoming out. Great Great product

  19. Nancy P

    I was reading the EPA list N. They have hypochlorous acid as killing all viruses including the corona. What does this product not do? Amazing

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