Gentle Nasal Passage Cleanser

Gentle Nasal Passage Cleanser

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A gentle nasal passage cleanser that harnesses the well-known power of a specially blended saltwater solution and delivers it directly to where you need it most. This effective nasal solution can be quickly applied with a fine mist applicator and is the perfect size for travel. Daily use benefits include:

  • Cleansing nasal passages of airborne particles
  • Relieving dry airways by providing hydration
  • Improving the natural defense mucus barrier
  • Decreasing the generation of respiratory droplets

1 oz / 30 ml (Glass Bottle)

100% All Natural, Drug Free, Hypoallergenic

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Purified water, Sodium Chloride (salt), HOCl (hypochlorous acid)

HOCl .004%

Use daily as needed. Gently shake the bottle before you mist each nostril once or twice per application and slowly breathe in through your nose a few times to pull the solution into the sinuses.

You may notice a mild smell as the formula starts to work, but the smell will be completely gone within a couple of seconds.


If irritation occurs, please stop use immediately and contact our customer service department. (727) 742-6636   or



Highly beneficial to use during the dryer seasonal months, days with high amounts of airborne particles (such as pollen or air pollution), and before/after each time you visit highly populated areas. This nasal passage cleanser is gentle enough to use multiple times per day.

Useful Information: Do not dilute. Gently shake the bottle each time before applying it to the nasal passages. Store at room temperature away from heat. This is a biodegradable and environmentally safe formula.


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